Our aim is to be a one stop shop, delivering a project from concept to reality with integrity and ingenuity. We are also able to provide individual services to complement an existing team or fill gaps in a given skill set.

1. Project/Site Feasibility Studies

Before entering into a project the first and most crucial step is to assess the site in terms of both design and planning potential, after which we can assist with construction budget and viability proposals.

2. Appointment of External Consultants

Depending on the size and complexity of a project, various combinations of external consultants are normally required. From surveyors to structural engineers, we are able to recruit whichever specialists your project requires.

Although we have in-house architectural design capabilities, we usually advise the appointment of a planning consultant to guide initial work and maximise added value.

3. Architectural Design for Planning Applications

No one has higher design standards. When we prepare drawings for planning applications we work closely with the appointed planning consultant to make sure that we fully exploit the design and commercial possibilities of each project.

Unlike most architectural practices, we bring, not only a passion for innovative design, but an unbending commitment that design work is strictly controlled to keep construction costs within the commercial parameters of the project.

4. Coordinating Planning Applications

Getting projects through the planning process forms the backbone of our company. We believe this adds exceptional value to our projects, with partner William Coote a particular specialist in this area.

We can provide and manage a consultant team to ensure the appropriate permissions are in place and are able to swiftly prepare and submit planning applications optimised for commercial viability and likelihood of approval.

5. Preparation of Tender & Contract Documentation

Having realistically priced and specified contracts is a crucial element to a successful project. Working with required consultants we can ensure a comprehensive specification is prepared along with drawings and required documentation.

To limit the financial risk of a project we also put in place a strong payment structure.

6. Management of tender process

We advise on the competitive tender process to ensure you receive best value from contractors. We provide full drawings and specifications to selected suitable construction contractors and invite them to submit comprehensive all-inclusive tenders.

We undertake due diligence on short listed contractors and work with you, the client, to select the contractor who best fits the project profile.

7. Construction Project Management

Within a given distance from our UK office we can directly undertake the construction project management for your scheme. For projects which fall outside areas covered we can work with the client to appoint a suitable candidate.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.